Planning for 2016

November is here already and it will soon be time of our AGM.  Friends of the Festival will receive an invitation shortly.  For details of the benefits of membership and how to apply click here

We are always looking for more people to help run the Bushey Festival and be on the committee.  If you are interested or would like to find out more please e-mail us or get in contact through social media and we will be in touch.

Do you have an event you would like to be part of the Bushey Festival 2016?  If so contact us through the website and we will be in touch in the new year and will try and fit it into the programme.

If you are running any events in Bushey or the surrounding area in 2016 that you would like us to feature on our website please e-mail in the details together with pictures and if suitable we will include it on our website.


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