Paper Quiz Results

We had lots of people enter this year’s paper quiz. The quiz was compiled by Rick Baxter, and our thanks to Rick of all of his hard work.

The winner with 28 out of 30 was Lorna Blake from Princes Risborough. Well done to Lorna her prize in being sent to her.

For all those who tried here are the answers.


1 You would not want this person at your child’s baptism The Godfather

2 If you see this in a field, you had better run fast! Raging Bull

3 Not Hans or Harold or Kurt, certainly not Emilie. The list goes on and on. Schindler’s List

4 How can I swoop and flutter over this when it doesn’t exist? One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

5 Boat named after the children of Uranus and Gaia Titanic

6 I couldn’t see this fool for the trees Forest Gump

7 This type of large road is at it’s best in the early evening Sunset Boulevard

8 I felt dizzy and lightheaded just thinking about it Vertigo

9 Baaah. Quiet! The Silence of the Lambs

10 Mind where you go, it’s a bit rough Rocky

11 I could have crossed over this river, but I’ve left it too late Bridge over the River Kwai

12 I don’t live here anymore, it’s all been smashed to pieces Chinatown

13 Satisfactory, unsatisfactory and hideous The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

14 Are you a relation? Oh, mais oui! French Connection

15 Is the doctor in? Dah! (Not how you spell it, but how it sounds!) Dr Zhivago

16 Can you do the fangdango? Dances with Wolves

17 Time for lunch High Noon

18 He will need a torch to herd his cattle Midnight Cowboy

19 Mandibles Jaws

20 Negotiator, Deviator, Obviator? Think happy! Gladiator

21 Quick, follow that car! Taxi Driver

22 Stop looking in the mirror behind you and look where you’re going Rear Window

23 Not Wolfgang or Mozart, but somewhere in the middle Amadeus

24 The Queen and I…… The King’s Speech

25 Hello! Oh, goodbye! Brief Encounter

26 It was so close you could almost dip your toes in the water On the Waterfront

27 Is it the end of the world yet? Unfortunately yes Apocalypse Now

28 Move away please. Didn’t you hear me the first time, I said move away. For the last time, move away!! Close Encounters of the Third Kind

29 It’s incredibly windy up here Wuthering Heights

30 Not everyone likes the weather in winter Some Like it Hot

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