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Why is there no longer a Parade and Carnival?

The Carnival was organised by the Bushey & Oxhey Round Table for many years.  Unfortunately, in common with many other voluntary organisations, the Round Table now has less members than it used to and no longer has the manpower to run the event.  You may ask why the main Festival Committee cannot assist.  The answer is, with over 40 events to run themselves, with the accompanying organisation, leaflet production, ticket printing and selling, publicity etc, they do not have any spare capacity to organise what is a very labour intensive event.  In recent times, this situation has been exacerbated by having many more Health & Safety issues to consider, as well as the  significant expense of closing the road.   We realise this is a very popular event and would dearly love to reinstate it :  if you know of an organisation who could help, then please contact us!


I did not receive a Festival Leaflet

This year, the Festival leaflet should be distributed to every home in Bushey and parts of Oxhey Village (WD23 and
WD19 4) by the Royal Mail. This will be delivered with your daily post some time between late May to mid June. However, if you have signed up with the Mailing Preference Service, ie not to receive junk mail, you will NOT receive the leaflet. Please note If you are a Friend of the Festival, you will be sent your personal copy of the leaflet before the wider public. The committee work hard to ensure there are quantities of leaflets at most public buildings in Bushey and surrounding areas (libraries/shops/businesses/council offices etc). However, details of all events are available on this website and you can download a booking form or buy tickets from the Box office.


I applied for tickets as soon as I received the leaflet but the event I applied for has already sold out

Last year, many of the events at the Festival sold out. However, if you are a Friend of the Festival, you will have received the Festival leaflet before the wider public, enabling you to book tickets early. Whilst there is no guarantee of course that the most popular events will not sell out within days of the tickets going on sale, joining the Friends is the best way to guarantee getting tickets when you want them in future years.


Why can’t I buy tickets online?

The issue of buying tickets on line has been looked into very carefully. The main barrier to doing this is the cost implication to the Festival/public of administering credit card transactions. This situation is under review and may be changed in the future.


When I purchase tickets, what counts as a concession?

This varies according to which organisation is running a particular event.  Where not stated, a concession is not offered.  There is a reduction scheme through the Festival Friends group whereby people can get about 10% saving on all events up to a maximum eligible amount.

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